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Monday, September 13, 2010

Dilemma 1: What happens when you die?

My mother died recently. During the last few hours on the day she died her health deteriorated rapidly and for the final 5-10 minutes she was making attempts to breathe but without success, basically she was just grunting, and there was no gaseous exchange in the lungs. She then took her final gasp and she died.
As I moved around the end of the bed her facial configuration began to change. I remarked to a friend that "she was dead and she was now at peace".
My mother then opened her eyes, looked at me and smiled. Then she closed her eyes and the smile disappeared.
Mother's body was dead and her brain, that had been deprived of oxygen well before this final stage, was well and truly dead (the brain can only survive 4 minutes without oxygen before it starts to die), yet she was able to communicate and “say farewell”, albeit briefly. It was a beautiful moment of absolute serenity.

Dilemma: What happened when my mother died? How did she enable her dead body to communicate?

If you have an opinion on what happened, or you have your own or other examples of unusal activity at the time of passing, please post your opinion(s)/examples. Your comments will be included in the resolution of this dilemma.

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