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Monday, September 13, 2010

Dilemma 1: What happens when you die?

My mother died recently. During the last few hours on the day she died her health deteriorated rapidly and for the final 5-10 minutes she was making attempts to breathe but without success, basically she was just grunting, and there was no gaseous exchange in the lungs. She then took her final gasp and she died.
As I moved around the end of the bed her facial configuration began to change. I remarked to a friend that "she was dead and she was now at peace".
My mother then opened her eyes, looked at me and smiled. Then she closed her eyes and the smile disappeared.
Mother's body was dead and her brain, that had been deprived of oxygen well before this final stage, was well and truly dead (the brain can only survive 4 minutes without oxygen before it starts to die), yet she was able to communicate and “say farewell”, albeit briefly. It was a beautiful moment of absolute serenity.

Dilemma: What happened when my mother died? How did she enable her dead body to communicate?

If you have an opinion on what happened, or you have your own or other examples of unusal activity at the time of passing, please post your opinion(s)/examples. Your comments will be included in the resolution of this dilemma.

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  1. I have had it explained that our bodies are just the vessel and that our spirit leaves long before our bodies choose to depart. Our spirit is always connected like an umbilical cord with our higher self by her spirit allowing the action as qucik as it was it was still enough to be noticed. Some when they go are ripped away and the cord is severed therefore making the transition a hard one which then upsets the spirit and can be carried through to many lives to come. Maybe it was her way of letting you know that she was at peace and thanking you for allowing her to leave. What a beautiful way of saying goodbye.

  2. Thank you Anonymous
    The clue to your proposal is the serenity of the moment. My father died over 30 years ago, while I was a medical student, and he did something similar. In his case, however, I "saw" his energy leave his body.

    Your comments lead me to Dilemma 2-to be posted soon

  3. I had a very sick uncle who was in and out of hosiptal more and more as he got sicker.

    From a small child I had a very strong bond to this man and him to me. The last time I went to see him at the hosiptal, I came home to tell my partner that he told me that this was the last time that we would see each other. To be honest, thinking about this now I really don't think he "spoke" the words to me. I think somehow we both just new that our time, this time around had come to an end. Broke my heart.

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  5. Thank you anonymous 2.
    The unspoken communication you received was, I'm sure, real. I will be dealing with the issue of telepathy in a future dilemma. Your last comment "broke my heart" troubles me. Your anguish at the loss of such a special companion is understandable but you need to let it go. Such a strong emotion is a product of forebrain/neocortex activity that will suppress your capacity to "feel" your uncle through the intuitive/sage process-see The Maze Within. If you shed your distress you may well feel the proximity of your Uncle again. If you don't reconnect at least you will be able to remember him with a joyous heart and not one filled with loss.

    Doc M

  6. To remember the words that were used it wasn't a funeral it was "A celebration of his wonderful life" The strength that you have his exactly what you have learnt from him. To have that one communication within even though it was unspoken can be had again and will be. After my grandparents past I went through exactly the same thing now I have communication with them when I need them and it is allowing them to come through and believing that they are here to support. Even though they are not physically here they are still around for us to call on. Reconnecting with our ancestors is beautiful and should be embraced. Watch for smells and a sense of brushing up the arms or on the back. Quiet the mind and ask for a hug see what happens.

  7. Thank you anonymous 2

    I understand exactly what you are saying. When I was a second year medical student my father died a terrible death from a missed colon cancer. The tumour grew freely in his abdomen but in particular it grew onto the back wall of his abdominal cavity. It grew into his nerves, his gut and his ureters, the tubes from his kidney to his bladder. After his final discharge from hospital he remained in a coma at home. He did not regain consciousness or speak for the final two weeks of his life. He suffered terribly from pain. I nursed him through his last night. Every four hours he would become a little agitated as his pain and sedative meds wore off. At about 7am the next morning he, once again, began to shuffle his legs a little. I turned my back on him as I drew up his morphine and largactil whilst giving my usual spiel; “Its OK dad; I’m just drawing up your injections and everything will be OK soon” when he said (or I heard) “That’s OK son”.

    I turned and looked at my father. He lay unconscious as he had been all night. I sat down on the edge of the bed, held his wasted body and told him to “let go Dad; there’s nothing to fear”. At that moment a strange triangle of energy/light rose from the back of his head and he died. It was brilliant. I can see it as I type these words.

    A common theme I believe anonymous 2.

    You quite correctly say that this sort of contact you had with your Uncle and that which you have with your grandparents is there always. Remember, the Ineffable does not appear to have periodicity and is separate from the passage of sunlight time –Magic isn’t it!

    Doc Martyn

  8. In July 1979 my mother in law passed away we had lived with her since November 1977. Her death was unexpected and at 57 years of age we had expected to spend many more years with her. On the night of her funeral when everyone else had gone home, there was just my husband myself & our two children at home. I was about to go to bed when a very strange occurrence happened. I had a message from my late mother in law, it was very clear & she said to me "you are going to lose the children" she repeated this more than once. My husband & I went to the bedroom where our two children were sleeping to check on them. Both children were asleep I checked their breathing & all was well the youngest was only one the eldest two & a half I eventually went to bed because I did understand what my “mum” had meant by you will lose the children. The next day our neighbour said send your two children over to play with their grandchild (aged two & a half) who was there for the day. I told her I did not want to let the children out of my sight (I did not tell her my reasons) she did however convince me that they would be ok as they could not get out of her back yard & she would lock the front door & as her husband was pottering around in the backyard they would be well looked after. Everyone had been so kind to us over the last few days I felt it would be easier to take the children next door so that I could clean the house & tidy up without mentioning what had happened to me the night before. So I took the children over to her house as we lived on a busy main road in Melbourne. I went home and while doing the house I was listening out for the three children next door playing in the back yard - I must have gone to a part of the house where I could not hear the children but when I went into the kitchen I could not hear them. I called over the fence to ask where are the children the grandfather said they must have all gone inside. My neighbour said no they are not inside the house. I have no words to describe what I felt or thought I just took off, I left the house wide open & ran I had no idea where I was running to, it was not me in control, I could feel my mother in laws presence, I ran down two streets & around the corner & there they were the three of them they had just climbed into a fountain that was quite deep, my youngest child was just going over the side of the of the fountain when I charged into this Italian ladies front yard screaming at the children to stop. The next few minutes where pandemonium the lady had heard the children & was just coming through her front door, I was clutching the three children. The grandfather arrived he had tried to run with me. On the way back home he could not figure out- A- how I knew where they were –B-how they had got out of their house –C-it was a miracle that they had not been run over or hurt in the fountain.

  9. Thank you IM
    You are obviously a very sensitive person who is in touch with your higher(or lower-depending on your view point)self. You will have experienced many other pre-cognitions over the years. Never ignore your knowing &/or your truth. This is a function of your brain & mind as a whole bereft of the neocortical/forebrain superiority.
    Are you sure it was your mother-in-law talking to you or was it your innate capacity talking to you because the emotion surrounding the premature/unexpected death of your loved one had concentrated your forebrain activity to such a degree that your innate sage knowledge became available to you? I look forward to your thoughts.

    Doc Martyn

  10. I received the news in Brisbane that my father had passed away peacefully in hospital in Samoa. My youngest sister was with him at the time of his passing. At my last brief visit about twelve months before I somehow knew it was the last time. He was no longer interested in reading or answer any of my probing questions about "his life and his views on things". In his words "I wish the angel Gabriel would call me now".
    There was five of us to find airline flights to Samoa within twenty-four hours before the funeral. Whilst I was at the travel agent, I rang my sister in Brisbane to obtain her personal details for the booking, and when she answered I heard my father's voice "Hurry up and get on the plane..Bye"
    I felt that my father was reminding us that he disliked having his body in a funeral parlour. There was no problems with our getting on the plane despite being initially told of no seats. I felt that my father's spirit was with us all along.
    I envy your personal experience of being with your loved one in their passing.

  11. On 28th. April, 2008, I was present at the Caloundra Private Hospital where my dearest mother was suffering from inoperable pancreatic cancer. I stayed beside my mother's side for three continuous days and constantly held her hand. My mother was using self administrating morphine and was becoming very incorherent. She looked into my eyes constantly and she was trying to speak to me. I kept on saying to my mother that I was still there and she would tighten her grip on my hand. My mother's breathing was becoming very erratic and finally she took one last breath and closed her eyes. I kept holding her hand and suddently her eyes opened and look directly into my eyes and her lips quivered as if she was trying to say goodbye. Her eyes then closed and her grip on my hand loosened. Her facial features then became to change. I could feel something rising from her body and then I saw a strange glow on the ceiling. I then knew that my mother's body had ceased to function but her spirit had left the room. This, I felt, was a great refeif for my mother and that she left me to go to a better place. Before my mother's passing, she requested me to place her ashes beneath a shady tree. This, I did. When visiting her resting place, I feel her presence as there is always a slight breeze blowing through the trees. After witnessing my mother's passing, I now know that at some time in the future, we will be reunited.